Surge Protection



Alarming Facts Regarding Power Surges

Power Surge: A sudden spike in voltage very brief, Very strong, very destructive.

Power Surges Destroy:
- Very Quickly: 
Like when a lightning bolt hits a power line.
- Gradually: 
Smaller surges several times a day eat away at the circuits inside your valuable        electronics. The majority of surges are created inside your home and by your neighbors.

Power Surge Points:
- 40% of all computer crashes and data loss comes from power surges.
- Half of all surges come from inside your home when large appliances turn on and off.
- Your home's average voltage is 120 volts. A surge can be 10 times stronger or more!
- The average American home faces five or more surges a day = 2,000 plus a year!

     S.E.V. has been suggesting and providing surge protection for your whole home for sometime now.

        The power strips used for computers are only so good. They can only protect against smallsurges and are looked at as a second line of defense.

        Best practice is to have a strong surge arrestor installed in your main electrical panel as a first line of defense and follow up on your sensitive electronics with the plug in strips.

      If this is something that concerns you give us a call us for more details.