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Today's society depends more than ever on electricity. Everything seems to be electronic. It's extremely prevalent in homes now. Most people have at least one computer, several televisions, a stereo system, cell phones, clock radios, and the list continues. All of, these devices require electricity to function. More than half of the homes today were constructed before the 1970s, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means more than half were built decades before many of these modern, electronic conveniences even were invented today, In these older homes possessed no more than 60-amp electrical service. Homes today should have at least 150 amps to keep up with today's electrical requirements. If you have one of these older panels and are having some problems with circuits tripping it may be time to consider to upgrade you electrical panel. Give us a call to make a appointment to discuss you options

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Surge Protection

Surge ProtectionSurge Protection SURGE PROTECTION   Alarming Facts Regarding Power Surges Definition:Power Surge: A sudden spike in voltage very brief, Very strong, very destructive. Power Surges Destroy: - Very Quickly:Like when a lightning bolt hits a power line. - Gradually:Smaller surges several times a day eat away at the circuits inside your valuable electronics. The majority of surges are created inside your home and by your neighbors. Power Surge Points: - 40% of all computer crashes and data loss comes...

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